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There are numerous devices now that annoyingly don’t come with options to configure VPN, this includes PS3, PS4, Apple TV, XBox 360, and XBox One to name a few. Although there is no way to set these up with VPN on the devices themselves, there are ways to configure VPN indirectly:

  • Utilizing Virtual Router Software on a Windows PC (Excluding XP)

  • Setting up Internet Sharing on a Mac connected to router via Ethernet

  • Flashing a router and installing Incognito on it

Windows Virtual Router

  1. Install the Virtual Router app on your Windows computer (please bookmark the website and consider donating if you find this service useful)

  2. Once installed, in Virtual Router Manager, define your Network Name and Password

  3. On the device with no VPN config, test connecting to the new WiFi hotspot you have created (If problems occur please consult the Virtual Router Issues Page)

  4. Once tested and all is well, if you haven’t already, setup a manual PPTP VPN configuration on your computer. (Consult our tutorials [here] for help doing so)

  5. Navigate to Network Settings > Change Adapter Settings…

  6. Right-click on your manually configured PPTP connection and click Properties

  7. Select the Sharing Tab

  8. From the Home networking connection dropdown menu select the connection which is being utilized by the virtual router software, most likely called Wireless Network Connection 2 (You will see this connection on the Change Adapter Settings window)

  9. Back on the Sharing Window Click the Settings… button

  10. Check Secure Web Server (HTTPS)

  11. Click OK, then Click OK again

  12. Ensuring your Virtual Router app is first turned off, connect to the PPTP VPN

  13. Start your Virtual Router

  14. On the device with no VPN config, you should now be on VPN!

There are numerous variables with the above process, most importantly with your wireless network card and installed drivers. Please be aware that the Virtual Router app is open source and free to use, if you have issues with it please consult the Virtual Router Issues Page. Regrettably our support team can provide support only for our service and apps and not troubleshoot issues with 3rd party software.

Internet Sharing on Mac OS X

  1. Ensure you are receiving your internet connection via ethernet, not WiFi

  2. Open System Preferences and click Sharing

  3. Check the box labelled Internet Sharing

  4. In the dropdown menu labelled Share your connection from select Ethernet

  5. In the checkbox list labelled To computers using check the WiFi box

  6. Click the button labelled Wi-Fi Options…

  7. Specify a network name, password and select WPA2 from the security dropdown menu

  8. Click OK

  9. If you haven’t already, setup a manual PPTP VPN configuration on your computer. (Consult our tutorial here for help doing so)

  10. Connect to your PPTP VPN connection on your Mac

  11. On your device without VPN config, connect to your newly created WiFi network

  12. On the device without VPN config, you should now be on VPN!

Flashing Routers

Incognito works on both DD-WRT and Tomato flashed routers. Shortly we will be providing setup documentation for these router types. 

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